What my clients are saying.


“Nicolle Kate is a creative mastermind at helping people realize better living and longevity. She is caring, pragmatic and honestly wants nothing more than to help people live better lives through better nutrition and lifestyle. Her program is life changing and I rarely give recommendations but, I recommend Nicolle to everyone in the know because its changed my life for the better.”

— John Mautner / CEO, The Cycle Of Success Institute

“Nicolle is a masterful raw vegan chef who inspires others to take care of their body from the inside out—and the changes are transformative. It’s a lifestyle that is easy to embrace because her creations never make you feel like you are depriving yourself. Whether you want to eat more healthfully or need a dedicated coach to heal some ailments, her vast knowledge of food, super-foods and supplements will help you achieve and maintain your goals. Her approach is customized to address your unique needs and applied with a unique lens of thought and care. Nicolle personifies true beauty and is living proof that nourishing your body, mind and soul is truly a fountain of youth. I can’t properly put into words how good you are and what you mean to me! You are extraordinary in every way.”

— Ruby Webster / Chicago IL

“Nicolle is always ready to help, she is patient, kind, calm and always has a smile. She has a wonderful presence which makes - spending so many hours in a confined space such as the kitchen - the difference between heaven and hell.”

— Sara Marvel / Founder, The Green Chef

“Nicolle Kate is a talented, skilled and passionate guide. Her passion and love of food comes through in her teaching and you will leave with some great tips. I’m delighted to have met her on my path through my raw food journey.”

— Gee Wong / Owner, POG Kitchen-Hong Kong

“Nicolle Kate is one of those rare humans, half fairy Godmother, half nutrition guru. At heart she is an artist. Just feast your eyes on her magnificent and healthy culinary creations, and her talents shine through. It is an adventure to become healthy, energized and looking great with Nicolle Kate’s guidance. I lost 11 pounds in the 10 days and my digestion and energy improved dramatically. Don’t miss your chance to take this positive life changing journey with Nicolle Kate.”

— Ellen Sandor / Artist and Founder, Artn

“Nicolle was my chef instructor in 2014. She was a fantastic instructor, making us students feel relaxed and engaged for the whole month of our immersive lessons. Nicolle came to class with a positive attitude every, single day and was a passionate teacher, a gentle guide and a happy spirit to be around. Her knowledge with raw food is very much grounded in simplicity and accessibility. This is something I especially appreciated, where in a trendy industry such as raw food, it is easy to get carried away with the high art of it all. Nicolle made each of feel like we were accomplishing a lot, which really boosted our confidence a lot. I highly recommend Nicolle as a raw food coach.”

— Prashantha Lachanna / Founder & Head-Chef, NAKEDFOOD Taiwan

“As my chef instructor, Nicolle is a fun and creative chef with inspiring ideas and a sweet disposition. She’s always in good spirits and determined to make a difference. It’s wonderful to see her brilliance shine through her projects!”

— Sara Marti, Graphic Designer

“When I worked as one of Chef Nicolle Kate’s students during my training to be a chef, it was like training with an old friend. She was always there to help and to give as much knowledge as she could to make the students better. She was the happy, energetic and kind instructor everybody should have met at least once in your lifetime. It proved to me that you can possess focus, happiness, professionalism and good energy in everything you do to create things that are marvelous. Thank you Chef!”

— Guillaume Mariais / Naturopath & Chef, Domicile