3 Goals.
1 Life.



The Balanced You Plan.
The Whole You Plan. ,
The Style You Plan.

These three synergistic programs can be used sequentially, mixed and matched, or used independently for a total integrative “inside – out” metamorphosis.


The Balanced You Plan

A two day, hands-on, private chef and diet coaching intensive.


The Balanced You Plan.

Learn the 3 building blocks for the foundation of health. Cleanse your body, burn the fat, and build your energy. I promise, you’ll never want to feel any other way.

This two day intensive program is 4 hours per day. It’s a hands-on, in-person plan, where you’ll really get organized. We’ll edit your fridge and pantry, go healthy food shopping, learn how to read food labels, find out which grocery aisles to embrace and which to avoid. And to top it off, you and me will get into your kitchen for private chef instruction to execute new healthy recipes. Price: $150/hour

*Requires that you're in New York City

The Balanced You Plan Includes:

  • One hour Complimentary Health History Session

  • Fridge Edit, Pantry Set Up

  • Health Food Grocery Shopping *Does not include cost of groceries.

  • Travel and Restaurant Tips

  • Private Chef Instruction

  • Free Nicolle kate/Rawception Recipe and wellness Ebooks Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3


The Whole You Plan

3 Month Health Coach Program.


The Whole You Plan

This is a three-month, biweekly, confidential, one hour conversation where we explore your goals and blocks around health and wellness. Three months is the optimum time frame for a successful lifestyle shift to take hold. 

Three months of accountability helps you stay on course and allows you to reap the highest rewards of your new state of energy, wellness and self actualization.

You’ll benefit from learning about “primary food”, empowered eating, nutrition. You’ll get comfortable with new tools and recipes in the kitchen. We’ll cover hormones, food issues, body issues, sleep, movement, relationships, career and creative outlets..

I’ll meet you where you are in your journey and together we set customized goals. I’ll provide a confidential, safe space for you to become your healthiest self. 

The Whole You Plan Includes:

  • One, 1 hour complimentary health history session

  • Two, one hour sessions per month (facetime, skype or phone)

  • Free NicolleKate/Rawception recipe and wellness Ebooks 1,2 and 3

  • Price: $150 per session


The Style You Plan

A personal shopping service.


The Style You plan

This is a personal shopping and styling service. We use fashion as a tool for outer beauty and image and as an extension of your rich inner-self. The right clothing will accurately reflect your personal style and authentic point of view to the world.

Work with me to choose wardrobe silhouettes that fit your body style, accentuate your personality. Let’s highlight what you want to reveal and cloak what you prefer to conceal.

I have over a decade of experience as a personal shopper and stylist in the luxury fashion industry and I’ve conducted dozens of closet and home edits for de-cluttering and reorganizing.

The Style You plan includes:

  • Closet edit, de-cluttering and reorganization. (Must live in NYC) Together we select what to keep, store, tailor, sell or donate.

  • Personal shopping for wardrobe pieces that fit your lifestyle and personality. (Not required to live in NYC)

  • Price: $150/hour.


Health History

If you’re here, you’re ready. So let’s get started.


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If you’re here, you’re ready. I’d love the opportunity to hear about your life and your health goals. This private, one-hour, Face Time, health history sessions is an opportunity for you to be heard and to get a sense of what it feels like to have more support in your life. Just fill out the form below to get started.
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