Hi beauties!

I’m Nicolle Kate.

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My passion is guiding women over fifty to find balance, wholeness, and style. I work with women who are intersted in developing their inner strength and health. Real women with complicated lives who care about creating inner wellness and beauty as much as their external image. I’m all for having fun-with-form; using fashion as a tool for outer personal expression but more imprtantly, as an extension of a rich inner life.

My mission is to inspire women at midlife to reclaim their power over their health care practices. My goal is to provide a safe space to transform from the inside-out.

Long Story, Stort-ish.

After my midlife divorce, I had to pick myself up,
dust myself off, and create a whole new life. “You don’t even know how to pay the bills electronically or use the TV remote properly,” my Ex’s voice looped in my head. But that just fueled my will to create my
own new life even more.

I hired a personal trainer to get my 48 years old, midwestern, newly-single after-a-hundred-years-of-marriage body, toned, and to atone for my diet. My new trainer explained that I was “skinny-fat. “skinny on the outside…and fat on the inside!” “You put junk in, you get junk out!” he would sneer, referring to my daily diet of vegan cookies, bagels and too many espressos. His workouts were like army boot camp.

During all of this, my youngest sister suddenly passed away from an auto-immune disease. To handle my grief and disbelief, I turned my focus to nutrition and using food as medicine. I researched everything I could about how to build a healthy gut and immune system. Did you know that 75% of your immune system lives in your gut? You bet your bottom dollar
it does. Gut health is where it’s at!

That led me to the awareness that I needed to become my healthiest self. The stakes were high and it was a slippery slope to the big 5.0.! I knew I had to change my approach to my health and longevity, including career, exercise, spirituality, relationships, and recreation. Basically, a total midlife reassesment.

My fashion career, which had sustained me for a decade, began to feel vacant, like junk food devoid
of nutrition. I understood the power of beauty and image, but creating only external images no longer fulfilled me. With that paradigm shift, came the realization that I had been working backward. I needed to work from the inside-out.


I learned that finding balance, wholeness and
my personal style isn’t about my age, my weight, or my size, No ma’am, it’s about feeling lighter in my body, clearer in my mind and intentions, and braving my 100% real authentic and truest moi.

It was time to rev the engines for a new career focused on nutrition, health, and the culinary arts,
to help myself and others.So, I left my fashion career and attended the Matthew Kenney culinary academy and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

After my certifications as a plant based chef and health coach, I became a raw vegan chef instructor at a culinary school in LA, teaching the art and nutrtional science of plant based food. I also started my health coaching practice. This website was born from that alchemy.

On my blog, I share my favorite plant-based recipes and wellness tips and tricks to show how I got my youthful energy back, not to mention my enthusiasm and sparkly-self, which is the essence of me!

Now I’m 58 and life continues to throw many curve balls and surprises my way since I started this blog, but I embrace each day and all of the silver linings.
Through it all, I’ve maintained my happiest and healthiest self by consistently showing up, surrendering to the universe, and using food as medicine to cleanse my body, burn the fat and
build my energy.

Practicing yoga and meditation has given me a spiritual path. I also have a ton-o-fun using my passion for fashion to express the inside on the outside. I hope you’ll be inspired by browsing the recipes, blogs and ebooks… and let’s remember
that our strength comes from our healthy inner self.
A pretty dress is a lovely companion but only when it accurately reflects of the beautiful woman wearing it.